The Candidates​

All of our endorsed alderperson candidates support the following Chicago initiatives:

  • Expanding the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) pilot citywide
  • Re-legalizing three-flats by-right in wealthy, transit-rich neighborhoods
  • Decarbonizing our buildings through all-electric construction
  • Lowering the speed limit on residential streets from 30 to 20 miles per hour
  • Building a comprehensive network of concrete-protected bike lanes
  • Replacing car lanes with dedicated transit or toll lanes on North DuSable Lake Shore Drive

Keep reading for more details about each of our endorsed candidates, and stay tuned for additional endorsements!

Representative Kam Buckner

Senator Mike Simmons

Representative Kam Buckner has led the field and proposed multiple land use bills that would address the housing shortages in regions across Illinois, and Chicago where his district is. These bills would allow property owners to decide how much parking is needed for serve their tenants and patrons in transit-served areas, give homeowners an opportunity to add a unit to their houses, and start reducing segregation while adding more homes by addressing bans on multifamily housing.

Senator Mike Simmons has been a tireless advocate for affordable housing, public transportation, and climate justice. Last year, he passed legislation to create a Cooperative Housing Fund, providing long-term stability and a viable alternative to home ownership for low-income residents. Senator Simmons believes that Illinois needs to increase its housing stock to make housing more available and affordable for everyone, and he supports missing middle housing such as three-flats and small apartment buildings in exclusionary communities with single-family zoning.

Vote on March 19th and November 5th!